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How Old Is Too Old To Start Pointe Work?

The “How Old Is Too Old?” question comes up often in forums and discussion groups centred around pointe training, and it is an issue that not many teachers/therapists/authors address. Technically, there is less risk to adult feet when beginning en pointe as their growth plates are fully fused. However, very few adults who have not danced for several years in their youth, will possess a foot of suitable shape or strength for dancing en pointe. “The Perfect Pointe Book”, a downloadable e-book designed to help girls get strong enough for pointe work, has details on exactly how to measure the range of motion in various parts of the foot and ankle required for pointe training.

The issue of flexibility is the main area that will hinder most mature students from achieving a fully pointed position of the ankle, as this often requires some gentle stretching of the ligaments that is much easier when we are young. The range possible at the ankle also depends significantly on the natural mobility of the ligaments in general. Therefore, in a ‘hypermobile’ individual (general laxity in all ligaments of the body), this will be easier to achieve. However, if there is a real desire to put the work in to improve this, I have seen some drastic improvements in foot and ankle range in adult clients.

The strength requirements for an older ballet student to progress onto pointe actually exceed the requirements for a young dancer. This is due to the fact that most adult dancers are significantly heavier than the average 12 year old! The dancer must be able to control the feet well for all of the tests, especially when en fondu, and during petit allegro, as the increase in body weight will create much stronger forces through the joints in the foot while jumping. Lack of control of the arch when en fondu, especially on the slightly rounded sole of a pointe shoe, will put the knees under great strain when dancing. Turnout strength, range and control are also very important areas to assess.

If an adult has been taking ballet classes for some time, and working their feet well in class, the required strength in the forefoot will not take long to develop. However, for the complete newcomer to ballet, learning how to isolate certain muscles in the feet may take some time. Our bodies develop ‘motor patterns’ of movements that we do regularly, and it is important for this isolated foot control to become second nature to the dancer before commencing pointe work. There are so many other things to think about while en pointe, that the dancer must be able to easily control the position of the toes in the shoe to have optimum control and therefore safety en pointe.

The co-ordination required to control the feet en pointe is something that is developed over years of dancing, and, as for any student, I would expect an adult to be dancing at least 3 classes a week for a year, and ideally regular classes for several years before considering pointe work.

All the points discussed in “The Perfect Pointe Book” should be addressed for anyone of any age (men included!) before progressing onto pointe. It gives guidelines and tests for range and strength that are so important to prevent injury. It is not impossible for an adult ballet dancer to progress onto pointe, but it will usually require a lot of work and dedication to achieve this safely.



  allison wrote @

What are some stretches that can help you become more flexible while being at home at home or studying?

  gracevictoria99 wrote @

I have some stretches to improve flexibility on my blog. You can do most of them at home or at your studio!

here is the link to my blog! ❤

once you get into the blog, click the page called "Stretches"! I hope this helps!


  Tailan Fernandes Gonçalves wrote @

I tried to access your website, but it says it’s private.

  Amanda wrote @

hi im amanda and im 16 and im starting grade 5 ballet (and tap)soon but i was wondering how long will it take me to get on to pointe?
help me!, thanks,
x x

  Laurend wrote @

hey, i’m also turning 16 this year and i started grade 5 RAD about 5 months ago and now want to start point, how long have you been training for ur pointe shoes though?

  Laura wrote @

Well that really depends on how long you’ve been doing ballet for. Normally, most teachers will let you go en pointe when you have taken ballet for three or more years. However if you are really good, the teacher will probably pull you and talk to you about pointe fittings. Pointe is really harder than it looks, so work on strengthening your feet, arches, and ankles. The ankles are the most important part.

  Lauren wrote @

Hello! I am Lauren and I an 12 years old. I am starting ballet in a month. I ave never danced before (ok well cheerleading) anyways I have VERY flat feet. I talked to my dance teacher at the studio, and she said the were strong! (yay) How long will it take for me to go en pointe? Thanks!!

  Laura wrote @

That’s quite hard to determine, but if you have never danced before, you’ll probably get them when your feet learn to form arches. I think you should work daily on rolling your foot up everyday and really flexing the upper foot part, so that you can build up an arch. (BTW I am NOT a teacher… I just know these things 😉

  Rachel Hooper wrote @

It will take a while- most people say about 2 years or at 12. In your case you may be 14 or even 15 because of your… “Never done dance before.” About two years at the least- 5 at the most. But in many cases- only 3 years. Hope this helped!

  Marissa wrote @

HI. Im 13 and i am hoping to do pointe next year when im 14. I just moved up to a higher level in ballet class and i can do toe stands in tap! I tried on my friends pointe shoes and i can walk on the box! will i be able to do pointe next year? Are my feet strong egnough yet?

  Dominique wrote @

Hey Marissa!
It really depends on how long you’ve been dancing.. but I HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT try on your friend’s shoes because that is very dangerous, you may hurt yourself and never dance again. Plus, the person is most likely not your EXACT size. So if you want to continue dancing, just WAIT until your teacher gives you the ‘ok’ to go en pointe. Hope this helps!
Plus check out my website!!!!

  vanessa wrote @

hey , im 12 years old and hoping to start ballet soon ! i took ballet when i was 5 but stopped! i totally regret it ! by now i could have been on pointe ! if i take a lot of classes and work reallly hard, when will i be able to start pointe ?
thanks !

  Rachel Hooper wrote @

Hey Venessa!
It will take a while- probably about 2-3 years. Don’t be hard on yourself… You’ll be in pointe when the right time comes. But just expect about 2-3 years! Hope this helped! Feel free to ask more questions via E-mail.

  Emilie wrote @

I am 16 and am going to start ballet in the summer. I really want to continue to going en pointe, how long does that take going en pointe I mean. (I currently dance on a school dance team, and have basic training) also I want a ballet arch I know I might not be able to change it drastically but i would like to increase the flexibility and beauty of my foot. Thanks so much!

  Marisol wrote @

I started ballet when I was 16, too, and I’m now 17 (been dancing for a year and 3 months). I’d never done any kind of dance before. I was approved for pointe just a couple of days ago and just got my new pointe shoes. It really depends on how often per week you train and how seriously you take your training, but it’s definitely possible to go en pointe in between 1-2 years after you start ballet.

  Nisa wrote @

Hi, Im 19 years old this June. And I’m considering to take an adult ballet class (the first ballet in my life). The studio I’m interested in has a pointe class for adults too. And the students there are very good! And what’s more interesting is, they are mostly working professionals with no backgrounds in Ballet until 1-2 years ago. They inspired me very very much. Of course they paid a lot for that, but it was definitely worth the sweat! They all dance like professionals.. I hope I can realize my dream. . Wish me luck! 😉

  Izzy wrote @

Hey guys~! I just started ballet and other dance this year after starting at age 2 to 6! I probably would have been on pointe by now. I am 12, and this will make you guys more encouraged when you hear after a year (this year) I was told I am ready for pointe! 🙂

  audrey wrote @

i have a ? what did your tell u exactially when she told u to go on point? just curious:P

  Dominique wrote @

IKR Like that makes no sense

  LJFlash wrote @

I have always loved watching ballet and I wanted to do something physical to balance my full time job and work as a doctoral student. I took my first ballet class at the age of 34. I generally take 3 technique classes a week. I started working en pointe at 37 (now I’m 39). It’s exciting to see that it is possible to progress (though it’s slow). And yes, it hurts, but I am fortunate to have a teacher who enjoys working with adults who love ballet.

  geeta wrote @

i m geeta . i m 30 years old.i want to learn ballet.can i learn d point?

  Sandra wrote @

I am 52 and I have started ballet lessons again after 25 plus years. I did pointe work from the age of 14 to 25 and would like to try it again. Are there any other over 50 ballerinas out there?!

  Donna wrote @

Hello Sandra – I started doing pointe work at the age of 50, for the first time. I had gone back to ballet, took three classes a week for four years, then started doing pointe work two days a week. I’ve been dancing en pointe now for 6 years (you do the math) and I love it. Enjoy!

  Sandra Smith wrote @

Hi Donna glad to hear that you took up pointe work at 50 I am really impressed! Your reply encouraged me and I started pointe work again a few months ago and it’s going well. Not as painful as I expected!

  Sacha wrote @

Sandra, Amazing!! I am truly inspired to read your comment. I am 32 years old, have taken a few random classes here and there, but have always had a long standing love and draw towards ballet, yet I’ve hesitated thinking I was too old. Physically I’m a very small girl at 110 lbs usually and my feet have always naturally turned outward, sort of like Fred Flintstone lol. I’ve always believed deep down that with dedicated training I could do it, but to see the examples here….yours especially being posted on my birthday :-), I feel so encouraged. Thank you!

  Lani wrote @

I’m 63 and started 6 years ago. I found Pointe to be extremely painful. Unfortunately, I recently changed studios and can’t continue pointe at this time. Ballet will keep you young…

  Jordan wrote @

Im 16 and I have been dancing (ballet) for 11 years, but I’m not the most flexible… If I work on stretching and strengthening my ankles, will it basically be an easy (haha ya right easy) or at least possible to learn pointe? And if I have the hard work and desire for it would it be something I could probably do? Also, how do you stretch for the shoes? You can’t just throw them on can you?

  Rachel Hooper wrote @

I have that same problem- I have lots of desire and am willing to do whatever it takes- just not to flexible- I’ll work on it of corse! Please tell me if it all if good for you… I am 12 (doing ballet for 8 months now) and need some inspiration. My ankles are very strong, and my teacher says I’m the best- I don’t exactly believe that. Please – yet again- tell me if it all is good for you. Via E-mail.

  sine wrote @

hi im 14 and turning 15in january and want to do pointe ive been doing balletsince i was 3 and my dream is to do pointe and perform please help and let me know if its possible i am also flexible and was told i have the perfect figure for ballet.

  audrey wrote @

i think maybe if you stretch on your feet more you will be ready for pointe in no time!!:)

  Emily-Louise wrote @

Im 13 years old i do grade 4 ballet and have done ballet since i was about 4. My dance teacher has just said ive only got a whilr left before i go on pointe, but she sad i will probley go on before everyone else in my class. Im so excited!

  jaymah wrote @

I’m 20 and have never danced ballet but I have dance experience in other styles. I am going to apply for a 6 day course to a dance school and then consider more classes after I get feedback from teachers. I can stand on my toes for a few seconds without shows at the moment but thats all! How long do you think it will take me to learn en pointe? I am willing to do as much training as possible and am very excited

  Jess wrote @

Hi, I’m 23 and have just started back into dance lessons. I’d love to eventually do pointe work since I never got the chance when I was younger. I took classes for 14 years (until I went to college!), mostly in ballet and jazz. I found a local school offered an adult ballet class so I signed myself up for the “experienced” class. I know it’ll take a good bit of work outside of class and I wouldn’t even dream of attempting it right now, but maybe by next fall I will have regained enough strength…I need to do some exercises for sure…I’ll just have to see I

  Melanie wrote @

I am 12 Years old and have had 8 years experience in Dance. I do Intermediate Contemporary and grade 6 Jazz (2nd Year.) and I have been told that I can start in Grade 6 Ballet. I have a natural arch and dip in my feet and can point my 4 toes whilst keeping my big toe up. I am very flexible (I can do splits on my right and in the middle and have done gymnastics). I can stand on pointe in normal shoes for a couple of seconds (around 6) and have strong ankles from Contemporary. I was just wondering if you could give me an estimate of when I could start en pointe, as most people say I have loved watching Ballet and for years I have begged my Mum and Dad to be able to do it and I finally am able. However I am unsure whether I will be the only one in thier class doing the pointe exercises in normal ballet shoes… However, my friend started Ballet this Year and after 10 Months they said she coculd start en pointe. And since I only have one class a week I will be very happy to do as many hours/excersices needed to be able to prepare and be good at Ballet. 🙂 Thanks,

  audrey wrote @

good for u!!:)

  audrey wrote @

hello i am 12 years old going to turn 13 in 2 days i really do think i am ready for pointe because i have tried on my friends pointe shoes and i can walk on them and do alot more other stuff. but i am not flexible at all!! does it matter if u are flexible to go en pointe? is that why my teacher hasnt told me to gon pointe? thanks i would really appreciate if any one can answer my questions!! thanks

  Kaylee wrote @

Hi, I’m 13 I started ballet a year ago. My dance teacher said that I have to do dance 3yrs before I do pointe. I’m fine with that but, when I put on pointe shoes my left foot get really sore & i can’t walk on it easily , what should I do about this ?

  ellen wrote @

hi im 10 im in grade 3 4 ballet and i want 2 know how 2 show mt teacher im ready 4 pointe… i also know agirl my age and shes already on pre pointe i think her school is an early riser and mines a late one… help me pls

  Ambeeeer! wrote @

Ermmmm…….Try and turnout from your hips and keep a flat stomach and straight back i started in grade 4 and now it grade8 and intermediate:)

  Abby wrote @

I have been doing ballet for 2 years and take an intermediate ballet class. I feel that I’m ready for pointe, but my teacher doesn’t think so. I don’t go to one of those commercial dance centers, so i know she really does think I’m almost ready, but not yet. how can I show her that I’m ready NOW?

  Eric wrote @

Hello, I am a 35. 6’0 195lbs, and I have just started pointe classes. It hurts know what, but it is fun and I have noticed I have loosened up alot. I have taken dance when I was younger and I quit about 11 years ago. When I went back to the pointe classes I thought I would pick it back up from what I remember……well I had to start from scratch, I lost my old posture and everything. But I love this now. I don’t do it for anyone but myself.

  jeffrey (jk) wrote @

I’m 12 turning 13 this year and I am starting ballet soon. I haven’t done it before but I still really want to go on pointe ASAP!!! My feet are really arched (I think that’s a good thing) and my legs and feet are strong because I did karate (I quitted it for ballet). I don’t know if these things would help at all but I thought they would. PLEEEEEASE ANSWER!!!

  jeffrey (jk) wrote @

and I pick up things really fast 🙂

  Eric wrote @

You need to learn the basic’s of Ballet first. Usually your teacher will tell you when your ready, but hey it didn’t stop me from doing it on my own when I was younger. But if you do, take things very slow, no one is perfect the first time. You could really hurt your ankles.

  angmo wrote @

i am 23 year old and i want to become a ballad dancer and yes i did not dance till today. I really want to dance. Now a days i always trying to stretching and splits and im also going to dance class 4rm next month.

  angmo wrote @

i am 23 year old and i want to become a ballad dancer and yes i did not dance till today. I really want to dance. Now a days i always trying to stretching and splits and im also going to dance class 4rm next month.what to do?

  Kaitlyn wrote @

I’m 15 and I want to start ballet. I know it won’t be a picnic but it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time and I’m willing to devote to it. I’ve played soccer for 6 years and swam competitively for 2 I’ve got strength and a little flexibility. (I can almost do a split maybe a week from it) I’m wondering if I can get on pointe shoes by the time I’m seventeen .I work hard for everything I do and have a job to pay for the lessons.Or is it too late for me to do pointe? Every girl dreams of getting fitted for those pretty lace up shoes.

  Tyler-Jane wrote @

You’re never really too old for pointe. I danced when i was little and quit for gymnastics then went back to dancing at age 14, I’m sixteen now and I’m only in grade 5 but I was on pointe after about a year and a half. It’s not that hard to pick up you cant be afraid of it but do be careful. Heaps of my friends start thinking they’ll go on pointe in a week, you not only have to be deticated but you need to be well trained. Pointe seems like this great pretty thing buts its painful and the novelty wears off, so just think about it before you go committing to it, do you just want to dance as a hobby pr are you truly serious about it?

  Tyler-Jane wrote @

I have a question also, I’m not allowed to use any padding in my pointe shoes, I just get over the pain and sometimes put bandaids on my toes so the blisters dont keep bleeding and wreck my ballet tights, but does anyone know if theres anything i can put on the blisters or do to make them heal faster????

  Adrien wrote @

Hi i danced professionally when i was younger in the 80’s and 90’s. the options for padding were paper towel and lambs wool haha, nothing like you young ones have today :)) i also was not allowed to use padding in my first year of pointe because we needed to “feel the floor” and because every blister callous etc toughens your feet for later. To heal faster i soaked my feet nightly in spirits and rubbed in oil and wore socks over this also moleskin helps quite a bit to protect blisters etc. by the end of my career i once had a toe nail littterally fall off and i didnt even notice because my feet were so usd to the abuse 🙂 they will toughen but in the meantime invest in a good foot soak some moleskin and treat your feet every night to a good massage and your feet will thank you

  pointedreams wrote @

i am 14 and only just started ballet. I really want to go on pointe soon but I only do one class a week which is 45 minutes. Thats all they offer, you have to be really good to do the exam classes.

Well anyway, the teacher said my turnout was really good, that i have naturally good turnout and she also said my rises were getting good.

Do you think I might be able to get better and go on pointe?

  gracevictoria99 wrote @

Cool blog. You should check out mine! 🙂

Hope you like it! ❤


  nettie wrote @

There is a very big difference between what a pre-professional ballet studio will tell you, or what your corner-store ballet studio will tell you.

The corner studio wants to make money, and will let you go on point much sooner to make you happy. This applies to many competitive dance studios as well.

A pre-professional studio will usually require at least 4 years of dance with at the very minimum 2 classes per week – more often 4 or more classes per week.

  Kayla Leary wrote @

Hi my name is Kayla and i am 24 years old. I am just now starting ballet. I studied it in middle school but stopped in high school and now i am picking it up again. I want to go all the way to point do you have any suggestions on how i could reach my goal?

  L. wrote @

Um.. there’s a huge difference between ‘going on pointe’ and dancing on pointe. I started taking ballet classes a year ago 3 times a week, and this fall I will start taking pointe classes (ie go on pointe). Such classes involve rolling thorough at the barre in 1st & 2nd, relves/eleves (and at most echappes & such) at the barre etc etc. However, it willl take me years before I can actually DANCE on pointe :o) Like, a fouette pirouette on pointe is light years away, if ever attainable… So you’re never too old, but you might be too weak, overweight, or inflexible.

  L. wrote @

I’m turning 29 this year btw 🙂

  Emma wrote @

I really want to start point and i mean really bad.I took ballet for 3 years and then my teacher had a baby and her mom was diagnosed with cancer.When I see a ballet I remember how much I miss dancing and it really depresses me that I stopped.I am 14,can i still start back and be able to take point?


  Brittany wrote @

Hey! I danced for 13 years, from age three to age 16 and, now as a 19 year old, I want nothing more than to go back to dancing. I danced en pointe for my last 2.5 years and now I am afraid that I can’t return to dancing. Do you have any suggestions for how to regain flexibility and prepare for returning to points and even any places in the milwaukee area that would have options for a dancer like me?

  Hannah Duffy wrote @

Hi I used to dance when I was 4/5-9 years old then stopped when I moved I am now 15 nearly 16 is it too late to take ballet up again?

  Nichole wrote @

Well I am 16, and I decided to start ballet in the fall. I see myself being very dedicated to ballet. I want to be very flexible, and fit i am very excited. This helped alot i cannot wait for the fall of 2012

  Renee wrote @

Hi. I’m 17 years old and i was wondering if it was safe for me to start pointe? I’ve taken Ballet classes for five years off and on. I’ve always wanted to start pointe however the dance school that I was enrolled in did not have a pointe class. And some people say that after a certain age it will be difficult to gain the flexibility and strength for pointe 😦 It is safe? and is there any stretching exercises that can help me?

  lexy wrote @

hi im 13 years old and stated ballet a yeah ago would i be ready? 🙂

  lexy wrote @

i can also do the splits and very flexible 🙂

  Joolia wrote @

Hi im 12 years old and ive been dancing for 7 years. im going en pointe when im 13-14-15 ish. 🙂 my teacher says youngest for pointe work is 13. u can never be too old to start, but maybe too old if u want to be a pro.

  Breana wrote @

Hi I’m 16, I danced ballet when I was three but stopped for a while and danced ballet again my freshman year and sophomore year, I’m now a jr and will be in pointe this year, I’m kinda nervous because I think it will be really hard, I’m a pretty good dancer, and pretty flexible too, do u think it will be too hard for me?

  Jill W wrote @

I’m 56 and go to class 3 plus days a week for years and now have the urge to do pointe. It’s a hassle figuring out the right shoes, I’ve done three fittings this week with completely different recommendations for shoes at each (though at least now I know I have an “Egyptian” foot!), but it’s great at my age to have that challenge and a wonderful school to “keep me on my toes”. I’m learning more about pointe shoe fittings online following up the real fittings so I can understand what the heck they’re talking about during the fittings and I’m starting to get the gist but am not sure I’m set on the shoes recommended to me so far. Today, in fact, a fitter told me pain is part of what must be endured on my big toe to do pointe and I felt guilty when I opted for the ouchless feel on pointe in a pair of 2007 Grishkos which she said were ok but not as good a fit as the ones that hurt (a pair of Russian pointes that I must say just felt swell in the arch)…I said at my age, I’ll just stick with the less painful ones until further notice…but I’m seeing so many other styles of the Russian pointe I may just go ahead and try some other styles until I find the right ones for me!

  onejewel wrote @

I’m 23 years old. I have been working on strengthening my legs and arches to go en pointe for a few years on my own. I can now stand en pointe barefoot for a good while. I really want to buy some toes shoes, but I just want to make sure that it is an acceptable idea at my age.

  Sarah wrote @

Hey I’m 18 and haven’t done ballet in about 2 years but they were just casual classes, I stopped dancing with a proper ballet studio when I 12 as I got tired if dancing everyday (hip hop, jazz, modern and ballet). I’m wanting to start ballet again and go on pointes as fast as possible, I have strong ankles as I do a lot of exercise and work on my ankles ( I do pole dancing as a sport so I like to know I can rely on my body). So my question is how likely is it that I could start pointe in let’s say 3 months, If I did ballet exercises everyday for a good 2 hours?

  Kathryn wrote @

Hi there… I’m 45 years old and I want to enroll in an adult beginner ballet course at the local university. I’m a RN and I want to do something that I’ve always loved to watch and something that IS NOT related to nursing. I would love to eventually do pointe work, but I wonder if the shoes that I’ve been wearing at the hospital could have damaged my ankles. I wear these clog type shoes that have thick soles, and I’ve rolled my ankles a few times in them, and it HURTS! Will ballet exercises help to keep me from doing this as well? Thanks for any information and ideas!

  Cornel wrote @

Hello sorry but I just needed some info and didn’t know where to go .. I am 14 and looking forward to my 1ST ballet class I never ever had any dance experience in my whole life and I am not very flexible and have some Questions …#1-will I be able to start ballet now?..#2-when will I be able to begin with pointe shoes…#3-How much does pointe shoes cost in South Africa please if you might have any answer email me..

  Sarah wrote @

Hey! My sister isn’t very flexible and she stretches everyday for about 45 minutes, she is very flexible just she cannot shop stretching. Im naturally more flexible than she is. To answer your question. 1- YES!! If ballet is what you want to do then start it now! No one is going to care that your not flexible, you will be with a few girls
that are also new:) 2- It all depends on how strong you are/and how fast you learn. Probably 2 years. Mybe less mybe more. But in the long run 2 years isn’t long:) Im from South Africa, and I can’t remember the store place that I used to go and get my ballet stuff! Mybe look around and call places. I really like bloch! Like when I get my first pair I will be buying bloch. If you find a store in South Africa that stills bloch and they are expensive buy them online. But make sure you have tried the same style on:) every shoe is different. Anyway I hope iv helped:) good luck:) and don’t ever stop dancing its the most amazing way of expressing yourself. If ballet is not you go do hop hop or modern:) Goodluck!

  Gemma wrote @

I am 12 almost 13 and I weigh 80 kilograms and I was wondering how long would I have to do ballet classes before progressing on to pointe, when I was younger I used to do tap and jazz so I am quite flexible for an overweight teen.
Opinions please?

[…] to know something is possible in order to believe we could ever do it. Last night, I read about a 50-something–year old woman who started Pointe!  WHAT?!  I wanted to try Pointe.  I want to do the splits, too, and be flexible so I can do […]

  Venus wrote @

im 13 now, and i took RAD classes uo until about two years ago, when my techer said I wasn’t good enough. I’m taking an open class now, and I’m going to talk to the teacher about pointe. I never stopped tap and I can do a toe stand, so I’m pretty sure my ankles are pretty strong. I want nothing more than to have the opportunity to try pointe, and become a better dancer than I am now. I have very tight hips, so I need to work on hip flexibility, and I’m just unflexible in general [i cannot touch my toes] but I’m taking a stretch class and I can now to a scorpion and I’m about 5cm [2.5 inches… ish. i think] away from left splits. If you have any advice/stretches/tips to help, email me at [:

  Nancy Taylor wrote @

I started ballet when I was 52 after breaking my back a year previous. Ballet became my purpose in life and it gave me grace and confidence. After five years, I am now on pointe at 58! There is magic in those boxes! It is never too late to follow your dream.

  Achsa wrote @

I’m starting getting point shoes in two months does anyone have tips for me ?

  Nancy Taylor wrote @

It is imperative that you enroll in a pointe class with a qualified instructor who has experience teaching in your age group. Take it slow and have the time of your life!

  Achsa wrote @

What can I do to start preparing for it . My friend told me I should put my feet in methylated spirits or epson

  Nancy Taylor wrote @

I do not know your age…it is different if you are quite young…I am 58 so my feet are already formed. Hopefully you have been practicing ballet for awhile and have prepared your feet for this. Your instructor will know what is best for you. Epsom salts is great for healing and reducing pain and swelling.

  Achsa wrote @

Thank you !* I am 16 and if been dancing since last year . And I practice my feet every day

  Nancy Taylor wrote @

I did not start ballet until I was 52….I bought my first pointe shoes four years after I began but had trouble finding an instructor for adults (we are not supposed to be able to do it at my age). After searching for over a year and just practicing at the barre on my own, I now have a great instructor! Best of luck to you and enjoy your “magic shoes”!

  Paris wrote @

I am 11 now and I did ballet and many other types of dance from 2-5 and then I started back up at 9 1/2. My teacher said I could go on pointe and its now my 4th month en pointe

  Rutts wrote @

Hello, I’ve just started ballet (I’m 16) and I’ve never before done dance properly outside of school. This i my first time. my teacher says I don’t have high arches but they’re not flat and explains I have quite strong ankles. Because I don’t have high arches or danced properly before, will it take longer for me to get on en pointe than average?

  Alexandra wrote @

how many years of ballet minimum before I start pointe

  Achsa wrote @

2 years

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  Chanel B wrote @

I’m curious, as an actress I have been offered to play the part of a ballerina who is en pointe in several of the scenes and I wanted to know the fastest, smartest and safest way to train for it. Any advice would be great!!!


  Achsa wrote @

Well the best Is to work on your ankel strength with circuler movements and to rise up slow and go back down and also pull your toes together (like a fist ) and release them to work on the small mucels to . The best is also to get a ballet theacher to train you . What film will you be participating in ?

  Bethany Twine wrote @

I am 24 years old, and out of shape. I was wondering if there were any stretches or exercises I could do in addition to working out to improve my flexibility in my ankles, etc so that I will do well when I start taking ballet lessons… I am interested in progressing to doing pointe in the future so, being able to continue these stretches and exercises once I start said lessons would be helpful.

  Keri wrote @

I’m 12 and starting ballet in September however I’ve done jazz for 6 years and have super strong ankles, will it take me more than three years to go on pointe?

  white gold pendant wrote @

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  mercy wrote @

Pls am form nigeria is their any way you could hlep me in learning how to stand on my toe cos am 15 and am still flexible

  paulafl37 wrote @

Hi everyone I started ballet when I was around 14 and now I’m 16 and I’m In a ballet class with people younger than me and I really badly want to do pointe and people my age are on pointe in grade 4 would my ballet teacher let me move up a grade to the pointe which is grade 4!!!!!

  Charlotte wrote @

Hi, I’m 14 years old and started ballet about six months ago and after only 3 months I began pointe. I have done dance before but never ballet, I struggle getting onto the box on pointe and feel like I need to strengthen my ankles. Am I at risk of getting injured and is going on pointe so early going to damage my feet?

  Katarina wrote @

Hi i’m 11 years old and i took ballet when i was 7 but stopped (i so regret it) and i want to start again, and i was wondering at about what age would i get my pointe shoes?
Thank you 🙂

  Kate wrote @

I am 13 and did ballet when I was 4 until about 9. I then stopped and I REALLY regret that now as I could be on pointe. I really want to start ballet again now but is 13 too old to start up again? I really appreciate your help! How long would it take to go on pointe? Thank you!

  gina wrote @

I am 54 and dancing in a ballet: on pointe. I took class for years, studied and studied and now: the piece de resistance. To achieve this though, I take class 5 days a week, 3-4 hours a day. Yes, grueling but well worth the effort.

  mary wrote @

I am 13 and have been dancing jazz,hip hop, lyrical and contempory since i was 3 and I am starting ballet in september How long before I can go on pointe

  Emma wrote @

I’m 15 and I really want to start ballet. I’m worried that I’ll have to leave for college before I can start pointe. Would I be wasting my time?

  Kayla wrote @

You wouldn’t be wasting time especially if dance becomes something you love or your passion.

  Paige wrote @

I was lucky enough to begin point training a month after starting ballet at 15! I had only been a gymnast and cheerleader before that 🙀

  Ariana wrote @


I did ballet for 9 years and did pointe for about a year and a half but that was four years ago. I just started doing ballet again and I know I am not as strong as I used to be. How long will it take to be able to dance en pointe again?

  Olivia wrote @

I am 10 almost 11 and I really want to do pointe. I danced when I was little like 4 and then stopped. I play lacrosse and have strong ankle and toes and I have an archy foot. I have naturally good technique and I work out my feet with a theraband every day
And I want it more than anybody in my class but the teacher is mainly concerned about the people that do competition and she never notices my technique or how hard I work. Sigh. What should I do To show her that I’m ready?

  Lani Ruffolo wrote @

I am an older adult that just started pointe 2 years ago. I have not progressed far as I can not attend as often as needed. My question is this: every time I am in pointe shoes I am in extreme pain and have started a pain relief prior to class. Noone has an answer for me and I don’t want to quit. Also, what blog theme site do you use as it is very user friendly. Thanks so much.

  Hannah wrote @

Hello! My name is Hannah, I’m 12 years old and have been thinking about doing ballet for quite some time. I have not danced before, but I am a gymnast. If I were considering dancing en pointe, how long/how many years of practice do you think I would need until I could achieve that? I hope you can help me, hannah😊

  Charlotte wrote @

Hello! I’m Charlotte and I’m 12, turning 13 next year. I’ve done 7 years of dance and wanted to have a break year but next year I’m going back to dance. I’m really flexible and have a reasonable arch, do you think I’ll be able to go on pointe?

  Ruby wrote @

I am starting ballet in a week, and I am a VERY good figure skater (going into nationals) how long will it take me to go en pointe? I have very strong muscles and I’m pretty flexible

  Chloe wrote @

Since you have experience in figure skating, it might be a little easier to learn technique but the strongest things you need to go en pointe are your ankles.

  Allison wrote @

Hi, I’m almost 13 years old, and have been dancing since I was 5. I would really like to learn en pointe as soon as possible but I’ve never taken ballet before. Although, since I’ve been dancing really long, I do know some ballet. I was wondering if I’d be able to learn en pointe a little faster than most beginners and if so, would I have to take a special program? My studio offers ballet at my age but without pointe and the R.A.D. program ballet. Would I had to join the program at a young age to do earn my pointe shoes or could I join this upcoming year and still get my shoes asap?

  Molly wrote @

I’m 15, and I started ballet about a month ago in grade 4, I can mostly do what everyone else can I just don’t know the terms, the rest of my class is starting pointe in November so it will have been 7 months of me doing it, I go to one class per week but practice a lot of the stretches at home, will I be able to start pointe with the rest of my class and if not what would I be doing whilst they are learning pointe

  tania wrote @

Hi! Im 16 (like alot of girls here)haha, i started ballet a month ago, and was approved for pointe shoes this week. I was wondering if you could give me some turnout tips in pointe shoes? Thank you! x

  Lani wrote @

If you have just started ballet in flat shoes you should not be on pointe shoes at all.

  HeyitzChloe wrote @

Hi! I’m 14 and I’m going to start ballet again ( I started but quit at RAD grade 3 with a distinction about 5 years ago ) but this time i’m not going for grading exams. Anyone can let me know roughly when i’ll be able to go en pointe?

  Lani wrote @

It depends on the development of your feet. IF you have a great teacher she will be honest with you and let you know when you are ready. Unfortunately in most studios the teacher will advance the whole class as not to hurt feelings or fear of loosing a student. Also, most of your development depends on your level of dedication. Is it passion or just something to do for now…

  Clara wrote @

Hey I’m clara. I’m 15 (almost 16) and I have been dancing for almost 9 years now. I never though of myself as a ballerina. I never thought was good at ballet but recently my best friend started pointe. Shes only been dancing for 3 years and she is amazing at it. I would love to do pointe. Its been a dream of mine for a long time but I’m scared to start and dont think I’m good enough. Any suggestions on how to prep myself?

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