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The FREE Parents Manual is up!…

It’s up! Finally the FREE Parents guide to help your parents help you as much as they can with becoming the best dancer you can be is up and available for you to download! Simply go to the link, and follow the instructions!

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My Brand New Site

Hi Guys!

After a year of trying to juggle all kinds of sites and pages all over the internet, I have finally managed to get all of the fantastic free information I provide together in one spot!

My brand new site is up and operating, and is packed with information so I will not be posting on this site any more.

To celebrate, and as my Christmas present to the world I have released a FREE Downloadable Parents Manual packed with information of how parents can best support their child when they are passionate about dancing.

To let you know how well it has gone down with those who have already seen it, here is what one mother I gave it to had to say about it…

“As a non-dancing mother of two young dancers I have entered the world of dance and feel completely unprepared. Thankfully the ‘Parents Manual’ has rescued me! So many questions in my head have been answered and I have my Manual handy to refer to over and over again. My girls love to dance and I love them…and now I feel more confident to support them in becoming wonderful healthy dancers.” (K.C)

So go over to the new site now and check it all out!

Talk soon,

A Brand New Newsletter!

I decided that it was time to give all of our hard working teachers a special newsletter all of their own, to help answer some of the great questions I get through e-mail.

What is the best age to start en pointe?

Tendu So many people ask me this question that I thought it was more than time I did a video explaining when the best time is.

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Tips On How To Prevent Blisters

I have had so many people asking about how to prevent blisters so I thought I would make a video to show you three of the major causes and how to prevent blisters from occurring.

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How To Tell When Your Pointe Shoes Are Dead

I have so many girls asking me how to know when their pointe shoes are ‘dead’ so I have created this video to help you know when your your pointe shoes are past their used by date!

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Padding For Pointe Shoes

Lots of girls have been asking me how much padding they should use, and what to use, so I made a little video to show you what I recommend! Usually your teacher will have lots of tricks to help you out so ask her her what she recommends.
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