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How To Break In Your Pointe Shoes

I am often asked how to break in pointe shoes. Many girls are a little scared to do it as they are afraid of breaking the shoe and then having to go out and buy a new pair! This video will show you that there is really nothing to be worried about. It will help you to break in your shoes effectively!



  alysia wrote @

thanx 4 everything i started point about 2 weeks ago!!!

  katherine wrote @

Well I normaly break in my pointe shoes very well before atemping to dance en pointe on new shoes. I would use a blunt object such as a hammer to soften the tip of box, I would run warm wate on the box after and work on demi pointe for a bit. Remember when the box is wet its weaker so try to stay on demi pointe. Once you feel comfortable enough to start working en poite your shoes over time will form to shape of your foot. Evry dancer is different so shareing pointe shoes or haveing someone else break them in is a bad idea. And your first pair of pointe shoes is a right of passage for every dancer, best wishes and good luck.

  Alyssa wrote @

OMG!! I love pointe shoes im supposed 2 b in level 4 but i got skipped up 2 5 pointe because my teacher thought i was strong enough I usually walk around the hous to practice and in the beginning break them in.

  Ema Lema!!! wrote @

it helped so much!!! 🙂

  Jade wrote @

what I do is, while having the pointe shoe on take just the heel off and bend it so that its pushing against your arch. Hope it helps! (: (oh and do this en pointe)

  Caroline wrote @

I don’t see the video it’s just a weird video of a chinese guy O_o…

  Pointepointer wrote @

What i usually do is mess around in them for about half an hour then i go and have a hot bath to soothe my feet (and another reason which will come helpful now)then i grab my pointe shoe when my foot is dry but still warm and walk arnound in them this helps to keep them to ur foot shape or if u dont want to do that boil the kettle and put the shoe above the steam box facing the steam and this should make your shoe a little softer then step on the box and bend your arch back and forth and i often run a cheese grater up the shank to make it easier not to fall:)Trust me im a proffesional dancer<3

  Stella wrote @

A cheese grater will wreck your shoes… Don’t do it. Dancer for life ❤

  Pointepointer wrote @

i mean a scraper;)

  Sasha wrote @

Hi! I’m a dancer and I started en pointe about 3 months ago. The shank seems to be broken in but I still can’t get all the way on top of the box. The video won’t load on my computer, so could someone please give me specific directions on how to break in the box?

  Celia wrote @

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