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How do I get more Flexible!!!!

I get heaps of girls asking how to get more flexible, especially down into the splits, and yes, there are lots of tricks! I am actually working on a very special program at the moment that will change the way you think about flexibility, and will be a great help for anyone who stretches and stretches and never seems to get anywhere! Keep an eye on the blog for more updates, and if you are signed up to the FREE Dancers newsletter you will get updates as soon as they happen!


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  perfectpointe wrote @

The Flexibility program is finally here!

It is called “Front Splits Fast!” and will change the way you think about your glexibility forever!

It does not focus on stretching out the muscles, as this is actually pretty ineffective in getting more flexible!

Instead it focuses on mobilising the Neuural and Fascial systems (I explain all about these) to get flexibility that stays – and you dont wake up sor ethe next day!

Check out the video of me explaining it all at


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